Iím blind folded on this carriage ride that they call lifeKeep trying to make it through that next turn knuckles white and holdiní tightSo here i goTaking a curveBut i know that Iím never aloneI think of youAnd how you never let me go
Chorus: I feel connected (connected)Protected (protected)Its like you sitting right, with me all the timeYou hear me (you hear me)Youíre near me (youíre near me)And everything else gonna be alrightCause nothing can break this..nothing can break thisNothing can break this tie.. connectedOoh..Connected inside
Itís not an accidentThe time we spend apartBut now weíre so closeI can always find youRight here in my heart
Youíve given me something I needAnd I donít ever want it to endBecause of youI know Iíve found my strength again
Bridge: Everytime that I breatheI can feel the energyReaching out flowing throughYou to me and me to youWake a dream walk a stairYou are everywhere I amSeparate souls unifiedTouching at the speed ofÖ LIFEOh LIFEÖOh YEAHÖ
ConnectedConnected insideConnected