I Choose You
oleh: NLT

Yeah yeah, ohhOh girlYeah yeah, ohh
Your face, your hair, your attitudeYour eyes, your smile, your body tooThese are are some of the thingsThat I likeAnd there's a couple I can't describe(oh girl)You the type that don't bring the dramaYou the type I take to meet the mama (girl)And I know that she gon' like you too
Baby that's why I choose youYou're not that everyday girlBut still around the way girlBaby that's why I choose youCuz you know what I'm thinkin'Before I even speak itJust to they don't get it confusedIt's Y-O-UAnd everything I doIt's for Y-O-U (oh)I'm convinced baby you're the one for meGirl I know fo' sho'Baby that's why I choose you