Nada Sambung Pribadi
(NSP / i-Ring / RBT)
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Kode NSP / i-Ring / RBT
Telkomsel : 0710969
Indosat : KLC8
XL : 71782323
Flexi : 0710969
Fren : KLC8
Esia : 0710969
3 : 0710969

oleh: Nidji

Hey you got to be honestYou got to be the only oneYou got to be the one
Hey you got to stay awakeYou got to start to save the worldYou got to be alert
*) Shadows.. Shadows..In the world we living onShadows.. Shadows..In the world we living on
Shadows .. Shadows..Weíre alone in the world we ownShadows .. Shadows..Weíre alone in the world we own
Hey the killer of the worldThe money blinded junky manThe loveless son of manHey nothing isnít rightThe future is in so much painThe lovers are in vein
Back to *)
Is this place where we fly inIs this place where we donít winIs this the shadows that lived in our profitIs this the shadows that we all wanted
And our life are burned by the fireOf our sins and tonightI believe that we wonít win
Here in the citiesShadows on the runNothing is realNothing canít be done
I am the shadowsIím the only oneMake me believeThat nothing can be done