Are You Down?

Danny: Yo, Jordan! What's up?
Jordan: Hey Danny! What's happening?
Oh, here comes little Joey Joe down the street
Joe: Ho! What's happenin' fellas?
Jordan: Yo, there's Jon, but has anyone seen Donnie?
Danny: I don't know, but I thought I saw him walking towards the corner store.
Joe: Nah, he's at the park playing ball
Jon: Oh, here he comes now
(ad libbed greetings)
Donnie: Hey Guys!
Danny: Where have you been?
Donnie: Man, I've got a story to tell!
All: HIT IT!

Saw a homegirl at the corner store
Eyes started bugging, mouth fell to the floor
She had a miniskirt and a sexy pose
I tried to rap to her, but I just froze
Tell me now fellas, what can I do?
To make a girl like me, like a girl likes you?

Danny:Well Homeboy get ready!
Joe: 'Cause you want correcting
Jordan: 'Cause a girl needs love
All: And plenty of affection

Jon: If a girl were mine, I'd give her the world
I'd buy her diamonds and pearls just to make her my girl

Jordan: That might work with your girl, but not with mine.
She's not the type of girl to fall for any line

Joe: I'd take her out to dinner, treat her like a winner
I may be young, but I'm no beginner

Danny: All your ways are good, but not as good as mine
You have to be sincere for a girl that fine!

Baby, won't you please be mine?
Are you down?
Baby, won't you please be mine?
Are you down? HO!

Danny: Alright then, D., since you gave it a try
All: Tell us about the girl who caught your eye

It was after school and I was feeling cool
'Til I saw that girl and I started to drool
So I thought to myself, take it easily
I couldn't let peer pressure get the best of me
I thought to myself, what should I do?
That's when she came up on me and said 'I love you'