You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison (Live From Sessions@Aol)

in the middle of a gunfightin the center of a restaurantthey say come with your arms raised highwell they're never gonna get melike a bullet through a flock of dovesto wage this war against your faith in meyour life will never be the sameon your mother's eyes say a prayersay a prayer
-chorus:nowbut i can'tand i don't knowhow we're just two men as god had made uswell i can'twell i can
too much too lateor just not enough of thispain in my heart for your dying wishi'll kiss your lips again:chorus-
they all cheat at cards and the checkers are lostmy cellmate's a killerthey make me do pushups in dragbut nobody cares if you're losing yourselfam i losing myself?
and well i miss my momwill they give me the chair?or lethal injection?or swing from a rope if you dareoh nobody knows all the trouble i seen
to your roomwhat they ask of youthey make you want to see(?)how longwell i dont rememberi rememberdo you have the keys to the hotel?
life is but a dream for the deadand well i can't go down by myselfbut i'll go down with my friendstake it like a man