Better Half Of Me
oleh: Monifah

I know that I was not thereWhen you needed meAnd I took it for grantedThe way that you treated me, yesAfter all of the dreams we sharedAnd through all of the pain we bearedI know I tore down, the love that we foundWill you ever forgive me, yeah
1 - Cause I realized we're way goneAll I want is for you come homeIt's such shame that our love is goneIím all alone by the phoneIíd do anything for the calls againYou're the only one that I called a friendPromise me it's not the endBut I know you care, and I know you care
2 - Look what Iíve done to usWhat was I thinking of I had to go and make it roughI lost the better half of meAnd now Iím begging baby pleaseIíll even fall on my kneesAnything to make you seeThat youíre the better half of me
You gave me your love and your trustYou protected me, oh
And when everyone turned awayYou stood by meNow I know I was a foolFor what I did to youIt hurt me inside when you said goodbyeBaby please believe me, yeah
Repeat 1
Repeat 2
Repeat 1 and 2 at the same time
Ad lib until fade