In my search for freedomand peace of mindI've left the memories behindWanna start a new lifebut it seems to be rather absurdwhen I know the truthis that I always think of you
Chorus:Someday somewaytogether we will be babyI will take and you will take your timeWe'll wait for our fatecos' nobody owns us babyWe can shake we can shake the rock
Try to throw the picture out of my mindtry to leave the memories behindHere by the ocean wave's carry voices from youDo you know the truthI am thinking of you too
Chorus:Someday somewaytogether we will be baby...
The love we had togetherjust fades away in timeAnd now you've got your own worldand I guess I've got mineBut the passion that you plantedin the middle of my heartis a passion that will never stop