When A Man Loves A Woman (live)

When a man loves a womanCan't keep his mind on nothin' elseHe'd trade the worldFor a good thing he's foundIf she is bad, he can't see itShe can do no wrongTurn his back on his best friendIf he puts her down
When a man loves a womanSpend his very last dimeTrying to hold on to what he needsHe'd give up all his comfortsAnd sleep out in the rainIf she said that's the wayIt ought to be
When a man loves a womanI give you everything I got (yeah)Trying to hold onTo your precious loveBaby please don't treat me bad
When a man loves a womanDeep down in his soulShe can bring him such miseryIf she is playing him for a foolHe's the last one to knowLoving eyes can never see
Yes when a man loves a womanI know exactly how he feels'Cause baby, baby, babyI am a manWhen a man loves a woman