Summer Forever

Phone rings, you're parked outsideHair's up, my chucks are tiedYou got a place in mindBut I say let's improviseOh oh ohLet's go oh ohStraight down the 405Right past the county line
Put your arm around me nowOnly got a few more hoursSo let's try to make it countWhile the sun is
Shining brightSpeakers shakingPut old mustang in driveHeart is yours for the takingWe don't't have to say goodbyeIf it was summer foreverOh oh ohDon't let it go oh ohJust kiss me slow oh ohWhoa oh oh wish it was summer forever
Hands up can touch the raysJump in and rush the wavesThis world is ours to takeSo never let the moment fadeDon't oh oh ohLet go oh ohJust snap a shot right through your shadesPut it in a mental picture frame
And when the sun goes downCan we still be togetherDon't wanna leave just hold me nowLike it's summer for ever