Stand Still
oleh: Mary Mary

I am god
[verse 1]Thinking to yourself that you're by yourselfYet and still you're talking loudBut just tell me who you talking to if you don't believe i'm aroundSaid i'll never leave, so you're never aloneEven when you feel you areI'm right here holding your handBut still you think i'm way too far
[hook]What do i gotta do to make you understand that i want what's best for you and i always have?, butMaybe you're confused about who i really amStand still and know i'm god
[verse 2]You look at your life and your wonderWhy your situation never changesYou blame it on themYou blame it on meMaybe it's you thinking the wrong wayYou should close your eyes open them againMaybe you'll see that i gave you lifeAnd another chance to give me a chanceTo take your wrong and make it right
[bridge]Maybe you are only listening to what you wanna hereIf you follow my directionEverything would be so clearI'm the answer, the solutionTo every question that you askOnly way you made it this farIs because i carried you here so