Whenever You Call (With Brian McKnight)

Love wandered insideStronger than youStronger than IAnd now that it has begunWe cannot tuurn backWe can only turn into one
Chorus:I won't ever be too far away to feel youAnd I won't hesitate at allWhenever you callAnd I'll always rememberThe part of you so tenderI'll be the one to catch your fallWhenever you call
And I'm turly inspiredFinding my soulThere in your eyesAnd youHave opened my heartAnd lifted me insideBy showing me yourselfUndisguised
Bridge:And I will breathe for you each dayComfort you through all the painGently kiss your fears awayYou can turn to me and cryAlways understand that IGive you all I am inside
Chorus (2x)