Till the End of Time

Close to meOh, I need you close to meLoving meClose to youHow can I get close to youHelp me to
ChorusWhy can't you seeI would give the world awayTo have you by my sideI'm so in needEach and every night I prayYou'll come and save my lifeI would love youTill the end of time
I think of youEvery moment that I go throughThoughts of youI dream of youAll I have are so many dreams of youWon't you please come true
Tell me what you needLet me give you all of meWithout you nothing's realYou're the reason that I feel
Tell me what you needLet me give you everythingEvery moment I'm aliveUntil the end of timeChorus
I would love you till the end of time (repeat and fade)