Pretty Boy
oleh: M2M

VERSE 1I lie awake at nightSee things in black and whiteI've only got you inside my mindYou know you have made me blind
VERSE 2I lie awake and prayThat you will look my wayI have all this longing in my heartI knew it right from the start
CHORUSOh my pretty pretty boy I love youLike I never ever loved no one before youPretty pretty boy of mineJust tell me you love me tooOh my pretty pretty boyI need youOh my pretty pretty boy I doLet me insideMake me stay right beside you
VERSE 3I used to write your nameAnd put it in a frameAnd sometime I think I hear you callRight from my bedroom wall
VERSE 4You stay a little whileAnd touch me with your smileAnd what can I say to make you mineTo reach out for you in time
BRIDGEOh pretty boySay you love me too