How Can I Tell Her
oleh: Lobo

She knows when I'm lonesome, she cries when I'm sadShe's up in the good times, she's down in the badWhenever I'm discouraged, she knows just what to doBut girl she doesn't know about you.
I can tell her my troubles, she makes them all seem rightI can make up excuses not to hold her at nightWe can talk of tomorrow, I'll tell her things that I want to doBut girl how can I tell her about you.
How can I tell her about youGirl please tell me what to doEverything seems right whenever I'm with youSo girl won't you tell me how to tell her about you.
How can I tell her I don't miss her whenever I'm awayHow can I say it's you I think of every single night and dayBut when is it easy telling someone we're throughAh girl help me tell her about you