I Dreamed A Dream

[Fantine is left alone, unemployed and destitute.]
FantineThere was a time when men were kindWhen their voices were softAnd their words invitingThere was a time when love was blindAnd the world was a songAnd the song was excitingThere was a timeThen it all went wrong
I dreamed a dream in times gone byWhen hope was highAnd life worth livingI dreamed that love would never dieI dreamed that God would be forgivingThen I was young and unafraidAnd dreams were made and used and wastedThere was no ransom to be paidNo song unsungNo wine untastedBut the tigers come at nightWith their voices soft as thunderAs they tear your hope apartAnd they turn your dream to shameHe slept a summer by my sideHe filled my days with endless wonderHe took my childhood in his strideBut he was gone when autumn cameAnd still I dream he'll come to meThat we'll live the years togetherBut there are dreams that cannot beAnd there are storms we cannot weatherI had a dream my life would beSo much different from this hell I'm livingSo different now from what it seemedNow life has killedThe dream I dreamed.