Brotherhood Of Man
oleh: Leo

Hmmmmm aaaaa
Yeahahhhhhh who oh oh
Why don't you realize what you've been doing for so long
We have been merely wasting lives
We who have been caught up in this sociological jargon
I hope you do open your eyes
There will be no dead man to tell you stories when i'm gone
Long forgotten it's in the dark
Why don't you take your children to these burning blazing battle fields
So they can see how you've made them proud
Reach out and touch someone, someone with an innocent heart
Live life together in one soul
Be in the brotherhood of man
Hey hey don't you know that the war is still going out there
Can you act dumb and sit Back home
False dreams you wanna hold on to them fine
Wait a second they'll fall apart
Chorus: lead
Killing and bombing <x3> is not the solution <x3>
Lord save the world ohhhhhhhhmmmm
2003 Leo