A Broken Man From A Broken Race
oleh: Killer

I was born into poverty, a natural criminal with 2 felonies,And my third is due on my 21st birthday, prison is the penalty,They stressing me, My path is laid and I canít decide a faith,But I have a record from day 1 in every federal crate,Iím the burden to the state, Find me in the morgue review, They expecting my presents ďIíma be home in a fewĒ,Why me? Living harsh with the fear of these sharks,We already sleep in a bunch and hussle for lunch,Got me scared cuz just visiting the store is a stunk, But there ainít no double, And thereís only one act,Canít rewind a death, cuz a murder is a eternal fact,The gateways to hell is open and I canít face this truth,Cuz Iím in hell, cuz nothings changed since my roots,Sure a piece says we have equal rights, but look harder,Itís just to provide mental security, fuck those legal lies,As far as Iím concerned those words canít help stop these cries