Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When all the clouds darken up the skywayThereís a rainbow highway to be foundLeading from your window painTo a place behind the sunJust a step behind the rain
Somewhere over the rainbowWay up highThereís a land that I heard ofOnce in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbowSkies are blueAnd the dreams that you dare to dreamreally do come true
Someday Iíll wish upon a starAnd wake up where the clouds are far behind meWhere troubles melt lemon dropsAway above the chimney topsThatís where youíll find me
Somewhere over the rainbowWhere birds flyBirds fly over the rainbowWhy then oh why cant I
If happy little bluebirds flyBeyond the rainbowWhy, oh, why cant I