I Need You
oleh: K Will

When I heard your greeting asking how I was doingMy heart that I held back became hot againAnd I asked myself for a long time if this was really the you that I've known for so long
I was happy to hear your voice for the first time in a yearWhen you said you missed me, tears kept fallingDid you hurt as much as I did too?
* I need you, I need youEven if a year passes, if ten years pass, I am the sameI'm a person who didn't forget even for a single dayIt needs to be you, you are my loveI can't go on without you, I need you
I look at you as I walk and look againI look at your hand, tightly holding mineI let go of it and hold it again, smiling like a foolWe were so small and happy, it was better that we were togetherI only think of those kinds of things - why didn't we know back then?
* repeat
I will run to you now and hold you in my armsI'm running out of breath, I will shout till it overflows
I need you, I need youA hundred times, a thousand times, I will love youI won't ever let you go againI won't leave you because you are my loveI will promise you that I will love you forever till I die