As days go byand fade to nightsI still questionwhy you leftI wonder howit didn稚 work outbut now you池e goneand memories all I have for nowbut no it痴 not overwe値l get older we値l get overwe値l live to see the day that I hope forcome back to meI still believe thatwe値l get it right againwe値l come back to life againwe won稚 say another goodbye againyou値l live forever with mesomeday, somedaywe値l be togethersomeday, somedaywe値l be togetherI heard somedaymight be todaymysteries of destinies theyare somehowand are somewayfor all we knowthey come tomorrowfor todaymy eyes are openmy arms are raised for your embracemy hands are here to mend what is brokento feel again to walk on the faceI believe there is more to lifeoh I love you much more than lifeand stillI believe I can change your mindrevive what is dying insideand someday, somedaywe値l be togethersomeday, somedaywe値l be togethersomeday, somedaywe値l be togetherwe値l be togetherwe値l be togethersomeday