oleh: Jin

Uh JinI treat this rap shit sorta like the NBAEverytime I spit a rhyme is like shootin' a jayFuck that scholarship shit my flow gotta be setStraight outta highschool numba one lottery pickI know the whole league doubtin' meBut lookie here I'm 'bout to make rookie of the year'Cuz double R was scoutin' meGot ma own jersey is a known factSo when Jin go plat(platinum) you can have a Jin throwbackNow yo' ass can sit on the bench listen to ya coach cuzYou tryin to freestyle he tellin you to post upYou got a deal but you bout to be a free agentYa technical fouls ya team actin' flagrantYou need help man ya albums on the shelf manYou aint even the sixth you more like the 12th manYou that cat wit'cha warm up suit on the whole game Givin' High fives pattin asses they dont no ya nameWhat a shame chasin' somebody's balls You that dude that wipe the floor after somebody fallsI'm a All-Star rhymer reppin ChinaThe Yao Ming of this rap game startin' an empireLike Jordan and Pippen Kobe and ShaqIs like a triple-double everytime I spit on a trackKeep this heat blazin in the streets I'm amazin'Is the NBA shit nobody beats Asians