Price Tag Feat B.o.B
oleh: Jessie J

[Jessie J]Seems like everybody's got a price,I wonder how they sleep at night.When the sale comes first,And the truth comes second,Just stop for a minute andSmile
Why is everybody so serious?Acting so damn mysterious?You got your shades on your eyesAnd your heels so highThat you can't even have a good time.
[Pre-chorus:]Everybody look to their left (yeah)Everybody look to their right (ha)Can you feel that (yeah)We'll pay them with love tonight...
[Chorus:]It's not about the money, money, moneyWe don't need your money, money, moneyWe just wanna make the world dance,Forget about the Price Tag
Ain't about the (ha) Chi-Chang Chi-Chang.Ain't about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-BlingWanna make the world dance,Forget about the Price Tag.
[Jessie J]We need to take it back in time,When music made us all UNITE!And it wasn't low blows and video Hoes,Am I the only one getting... tired?
Why is everybody so obsessed?Money can't buy us happinessCan we all slow down and enjoy right nowGuarantee we'll be feeling alright
[B.o.B]Yeah yeahWell, keep the price tagAnd take the cash backJust give me six strings, and a half stackAnd you can, can keep the carsLeave me the garageAnd all I, yes all I needAre keys and guitarsAnd guess what, in 30 secondsI'm leaving to MarsYeah we leaving acrossThese undefeatable oddsIt's like this manYou can't put a price on a lifeWe do this for the loveSo we fight and sacrificeEvery nightSo we ain't gonna stumble and fallNeverWaiting to see a sign of defeatUh uhSo we gonna keep everyoneMoving their feetSo bring back the beatAnd then everyone singIt's not about the money
[Chorus x2]
[Jessie J ‒ Outro]Yeah yeahOh-ohForget about the price tag