No Me Ames (English Version)

Tell me, why are you crying?Because I'm happyAnd why are you so choked up?From lonelinessAnd why are you squeezing my handSo tightlyAnd your thoughts seem to be wandering?I love you so muchWhy?Don't be so hard-headedStop doubting meAlthough in the future there's a large skyI'm not afraidI want to love youDon't love me because you think I'm differentYou don't think it's rightFor us to spend this time togetherDon't love me because I know what a lie it would beIf you don't think I deserve your loveDon't love meI'm going to stay another dayDon't love me because I'm lostBecause I change the worldBecause it's my destinyBecause I can't changeWe are a mirrorAnd you are my reflectionDon't love meTo be dying in a war of regret and sad thoughtsDon't love meBecause in this worldThis great love deserves to soar through the blue skyI don't know what to sayThat's the truthIf people want to want to hurt us, they willIf you and I part nowThey don't matterBut in this worldDon't leave meDon't leave meDon't leave meDon't listen when I say I don't love youDon't love meStop breaking my heart with these "I don't love you's"Don't love meBecause my heart is breakingThat is uselessI will always love youDon't love meYou have suffered enoughMy heart has turned cold like a million wintersDon't love meTo forget about your gray daysI want you to always love meYou and I are changingOne with the otherAnd always togetherThis love is like the sunThat comes out after a stormLike two comets in the same galaxyDon't love meDon't love meDon't love me(Don't love me, don't love me, don't love me)