Make it Mine

Wake up everyoneHow can you sleep at a time like thisUnless the dreamer is the real youListen to your voiceThe one that tells youto taste past the tip ofyour tongueLeap and the net will appear
I don't wanna wake beforeThe dream is overI'm gonna make it mineYes I... I want to own itI'm gonna make it mineYes I'll make it all mine
I keep my life on a heavy rotationRequesting that it's lifting you upUp up and awayAnd over to a table atthe graditude cafe
And I am finally thereAnd all the angels they'll be singingAh la la la I la la la Ila la la la love this
Well I don't wanna break beforeThe tour is overI'm gonna make it mineThat's fine...I want to own itI'm gonna make it mineYes I'll make it all mine
And timing's everythingAnd this time there's plentyI am balancingCareful and steadyAnd reveling in energy thateveryone's emitting
I don't wanna wait no moreOh, I wanna celebrate the whole worldI'm gonna make it mineBecause I'm following your joyI'm gonna make it mineBecause I... I am openI'm gonna make it mineThat's why... I'm wanna show itI'm gonna make it minegonna make gonna make gonna make itmake it mineIt's mine...It's mine...Ohhhhhhh mineYes I will make it all make it all mine