God Rests In Reason

you were born togetherand together ye shall be foreveruntil death could scattershouldn't matter in the memory of god abovelet the wind of heaven dance between you tooallowing tiem and space to bring you closer to everlasting loveso what should you do if god moves through you
when love beckonsits ways are often hard and steepand his wings unfoldye yield to all that it speaksthough a sword it might be hidden there among the pinionsoh you may wear a wound that truly spoke to youbelieve in all that voice and follow throughso what should you do when god moves through you
love possesses nothingnor would it ever be possessedlove is love sufficient unto loveand you can figure out the rest
god rests in reasonso what should you do, oh ohwhen god moves through you
well your children will not be your childrenmaybe the daughter, the son of a beginningthey'll come through your womb but not be coming from youthey will be with you, but they do not belong to youyou can give them your love but not your thoughtscause they'll arrive with their own heartsthey're the coming of angels this blessed seasonand then they'll sing oh yea god rests in reasongod rests in reasonso what should you dowhen god moves through you
and think not you can direct the course oflove itself directs the course of lovebelieve not god is in your heart, childbut rather you're in the heart of god
so you see so far i'm all rightpleasant and awkwardly politewatching carefully the comedythe tick tock moments of the grid lock dayand why i'm singingabout the fact that i'm giving up everythingand giving back to the people that made me want to changemy evil, lazy waysi'm gonna give you one more phrase to explain
see i believe in only one thingi believe in good orderly d-i-r-e-c-t-i-o-ni'll spell it again, roll it with abbreviationeasy as a 1,2,3spell it backwards it's a d-o-gcause it's a dog eat dog worldwhat a life girl, maybe you should make you my wife girland i believe in omni possibilityit's nothing more than good orderly directionnothing more than good orderly directionnothing more than good orderly directionthis is nothing more than good orderly directionso what should you do when god moves through youwhat should you do when god movesthrough you