I heard from a friend today andShe said you were in townSuddenly the memories came backTo me in my mind
(CHORUS)How can i be strong i've askedMyselfTime and time i've saidThat i'll never fall in love with youAgain
A wounded heart you gave,My soul you took awayGood intentions you had many,I know you didI come from a place that hurts,God knows how i've criedAnd i never want to returnNever fall againMaking love to you felt so goodAndOh so right
(Repeat chorus)
So here we are alone againDidn't think i'd come to thisAnd to know it all beganWith just a little kissI've come too close to happiness,To have it swept awayDon't think i can take the painNo never fall againKinda late in the gameAnd my heart is in your handsDon't you stand there and then tellMeYou love meThen leave again'Cause i'm falling in love with youAgainHold me, hold meDon't ever let me goSay it just one timeSay you love meGod knows i do love you again