Flower In The Rain

You are the OneThere's no one elseWho lifts me upAnd gives me water from the wellBut there's a holeThat seems to drain it all awayAnd once again I'm left in fear and doubtWhen all my strength is crying out

Chorus:So here I am againWilling to be opened up and brokenLike a flower in the rainTell me what have I to doTo die and then be raisedTo reach beyond the painLike a flower in the rain

The evil wind it blows a stormTo rock my worldJust when I think I'm safe and warmI'm led astray far too easilyIt's always hard for me to say I'm wrongUntil I know I can't go on

Repeat Chorus

Lord, you have searched me and knowWhen I sleep and when I riseYou're familiar with all my waysEven the darkness will shine like the dayWhen you look into my heart.

Repeat Chorus