Bento (Lyric in English)
oleh: Iwan Fals

My name is Bento and Iíve got it allPlenty of cars, a big solid housePeople call me the executive bossEveryone knows Iím the oneUnreal...!
Iím handsome as hell, the women adore meOne glance and theyíre mineTradingís my business, Iíll cut any throatAs long as Iím happy, as long as I winTo hell with the losers who get in my wayAs long as Iím happy, once moreUnreal...!
Sermons about morality and justiceI have them for breakfastDeceit, lobbying and graftIíll show you how itís done!
Small-time crooks, street-corner banditsThey know nothingIf you want to get serious,Iím the one to teach you howJust say may name three timesBento, Bento, BentoUnreal...!