oleh: IL Divo

[Verse 1]Mama thank you for who I amThank you for all the things I'm notForgive me for the words unsaidFor the timesI forgot
[Verse 2]Mama remember all my lifeYou showed me love,You sacrificedThink of those young and early daysHow I've changedalong the way
[Bridge]And I know you believedAnd I know you had dreamsAnd I'm sorry it took all this time to seeThat I am where I am because of your truthI miss you, I miss you
[Verse 3]Mama forgive the times you criedForgive me for not making rightAll of the storms I may have causedAnd I've been wrongDry your eyes
[Verse 4]Mama I hope this makes you smileI hope you're happy with my lifeAt peace with every choice I madeHow I've changedAlong the wayAnd I know you believed in all of my dreamsAnd I owe it all to you, Mama