Just Wanna Be With You

[Ryan:] I got a lot of things I have to do All these distractions our future's coming soonWe're being pulled[Ryan & Kelsi:] A hundred different directions[Ryan:] But whatever happens[Ryan & Kelsi:] I know I've got you [Ryan:] You're on my mindYou're in my heart[Ryan & Kelsi:] It doesn't matter where we areWe'll be alright Even if we're miles apart
[Chorus:][Troy & Gabriella:] All I wanna do is be with you Be with you there's nothing we can't doJust wanna be with you, only youNo matter where life takes us Nothing can break us apartYou know it's trueI just wanna be with youYeah, yeahJust be with you
[Troy:] You know how life can beIt changes overnight[Troy & Gabriella:] It's sunny then raining, but it's alright[Gabriella:] A friend like you [Troy & Gabriella:] Always makes it easy[Troy:] I know that you get me[Troy & Gabriella:] Every time Through every up, through every downYou know I'll always be aroundThrough anything you can count on me
I just wanna be with you