Love That Let's Go Feat Billy Ray Cyrus

[Verse: 1]There's a gold frame,that sits by the window.And my heart breaks,A little more each time I try,to picture the memory inside.
[Billy Ray Cyrus:]There's a notebook,that's to hard to read it.But if you look,you'd see how you look through my eye's,Now one more chapter's gone by,and I know...
[Chorus:]It's time to move on;even though I'm not ready.You've got to be strong,and trust where you're heading.Even though It's not easy;(not easy),right now the right kind of love...Doesn't wanna miss the future,or stand in the past.It will always hold on;never hold you back.And even though It's not easy,(not easy),I know the right kind of love...Is love that let's gooooo.(It's time to say hey),It's love that let's goo.