oleh: Gigi

An old man walks across the ruinsLooking at what is leftHis land was stolen in a flashAnd no one give a damn
A woman down and screams so loudNothing she can doHer children cry her baby dryMom, what should we do ? (what is that?)Oh ? Where they would stay tonightTell me why they have to get rid offShow me how we build the city groundLay waste to all around
They're lying on the edge of townSearching to surviveSkid row must be destroyedOh, destruction all around (lay waste to all around)
Is this a modern taste ?Or is this a post modern needs ?Well, this song was written in studio roomIn a certain place in JakartaRight about the same time friend of mine told meHow good the city isBut friend tell me why have to get rid off everything in itDo we give a hand to the needy ?No, we don'tSo sir, this is not about how to make moneyThis is about responsibility to each number of our societyPlease, give them a little mercy!