I Need Your Love
oleh: FROST

Chorus: FingazzI need your love, baby (Need you day and night)Your sweet, sweet lovin'Let's make love tonightHer body's calling (For you)I hear your body calling (For me)So let's make it happen, babyMake you feel alrightYeah
[Frost](Verse 1)Since you been gone, girlI really been on oneJust sittin' here by myselfAll by my lonesomeI'm trying to figure outJust how to get you backIt took me a minute, girlTo get that your lovin' is where it's atI need your lovin', yeahThat good, good lovin'I want it, I need it, the love keeps me heatedOh girl, please believe itYeahThat good, good lovin'Yeah
Repeat Chorus
(Verse 2)Hey baby, I know exactly what you needJust a little bit of relaxation and, just a little bit of me, seeI'm trying, I'm tryingTo get you back, won't stopWhen you give me of your sweet, sweet loveAnd we used to make love all nightCan nobodyDo it betterFor your love isForeverCome on, baby, and give me just one more chanceAnd you'll see that I became a better manLet's make it happen, baby, make you feel goodMake you feel like a beautiful woman should
Repeat Chorus
(Verse 3)Ain't no tellin' what our future has in storeWhy do I always leave if I come back for moreGot me fiendin', girl, you're so addictedWhen I'm around you, girl, I feel so lividAin't no woman like you, in my life that always had my backThen spark a flame when I'm rollin' up all themBlunt wrapsPerfect faceBeautiful bodyNo time to wasteCome on, get on meAin't no tellin' what I'm gonna do next when I'm feeling your bodyBut I'll give it to you satisfaction, baby, let's get naughty
Repeat Chorus