Nada Sambung Pribadi
(NSP / i-Ring / RBT)
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Kode NSP / i-Ring / RBT
Indosat : 70276499
Fren : 23064199

oleh: Flo Rida

(feat. T-Pain)
[Intro - T-Pain]MmmmmmmmLet me talk to 'emLet me talk to 'emMmmmmmmLet me talk to 'emC'mon!
[Chorus (T-Pain):]Shawty had them apple bottom jeans (jeans)Boots with the fur (with the fur)The whole club was looking at herShe hits the floor (she hits the floor)Next thing you knowShawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, lowThem baggy sweat pantsAnd the Reebok's with the straps (with the straps)She turned around and gave that big booty a smack (hey)She hits the floor (she hits the floor)Next thing you knowShawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low
[Flo-Rida]I ain't never seen something that'll make me goThis crazy all night spending my doeHad the million dollar vibe and a body to goThem birthday cakes they stole the showSo sexualShe was flexible professionalDrinking X&OHold up, wait a minute, do I see what I think? WhoaDid her thing seen shawty get lowAin't the same when it's up that closeMake it rain I'm making it snowWork the pole I gotta bang broI'm gonna say that I prefer the no clothesI'm in to that I love women exposedShe threw it back at me I gave her moCash ain't a problem I know where it go
[Chorus (T-Pain)]
[Flo-Rida]Hey shawty what I gotta do to get you homeMy jeans filled with guap and they're ready for showingCadillacs laid back for the sexy grownPatron on the rocks that'll make you moanOne stack (come on), two stacks (come on), three stacks (come on)Now that's three grandWhat you think I'm playing baby girl I'm the manI'm dealing rubberbandsThat's when I threw her legs on my shouldersI knew it was overThat heny and Cola got me like a soldierShe ready for Rover, I couldn't control herSo lucky on me I was just like cloverShawty was hot like a toasterSorry but I had to fold herLike a pornography posterShe showed her
[Chorus (T-Pain)]
[Flo-Rida]Whoa shawty yeah she was worth the moneyLittle mama took my cashAnd I ain't want it backThe way she bent that backGot all them paper stacksTattoo above her crackI had to handle thatI was zoned in sexy womanLet me show it make me want itTwo in the morning I'm zoned inThem rosee bottles foamingShe wouldn't stopMade it dropShawty dipped that pop and lockHad to break her off that guapGal was fine just like my glock
[Chorus (T-Pain)]