Answer The Phone
oleh: F. Cuz

Please answer the phone, answer the phone
There was this person who was hotter and more beautiful than youI already have a girl, but it's the first person I loved as much as you
* Answer the phone, please answer the phoneAnswer my phone call, let's talk againAnswer the phone, please answer the phoneAnswer my phone call, you know how I feel but why
There was this person, now I want to give you my everythingYou were my one and only person who was more special than anyone else
* Repeat
Listen to me, this is definitely a prank of the godsYes, before I met you, I was happy with her butFrom the day you came into my eyes,I'm a train running toward you with broken brakesI'm like an anchor without the wind if I don't have youI'm like the dark night that lost the moonlight from the dayPlease, please, don't leave me, please baby call me again
I just wanna love you baby (I just wanna love my girl)Oh no, please listen to me, ring n ring n ring oh oh ohI think I'm crazy from the moment I met youPlease remember one thing, right now, it's only you for me
* Repeat
The ringing ringtone, the infinite lonelinessThe more I feel the despairYou make me go crazier, you make me go crazier