How many times have you told me you love her?As many times as I've wanted to tell you the truthHow long have I stood here beside you?I live through youYou look through me
Ooh,solitudeStill with me is only youOoh,solitudeI can't stay away from you
How many times have I done this to myself,oohHow long will it take before I see?When will this hole in my heart be mended?Who now is left alone but me?
Ooh,solitudeForever me and forever youOoh,solitudeOnly you,only true
Everyone leave me strandedForgotten,abandoned,left behindI can't stay here another night
Your secret admirerWho could it be?
Ooh,(aah)can't you seeAll along it was meHow can you be (aaah)so blind As to see right through me?
(aaaah)And ooh,solitudeStill with me is only you(aah)Ooh,solitudeI can't stay away from you
Ooh and (aaah)ooh solitudeForever me and forever you(aaah)Ooh,solitudeOnly you,only true