Wonderful Tonight

It's late in the eveningShe's wondering what clothes to wearShe puts on her makeupAnd brushes her long blonde hairAnd then she asks meDo I look all rightAnd I say yes, you look wonderful tonight
We go to a partyAnd everyone turns to seeThis beautiful ladyThat's walking around with meAnd then she asks meDo you feel all rightAnd I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight
I feel wonderfulBecause I see the love light in your eyesAnd the wonder of it allIs that you just don't realizeHow much I love you
It's time to go home nowAnd I've got an aching headSo I give her the car keysShe helps me to bedAnd then I tell herAs I turn out the lightI say my darling, you were wonderful tonightOh my darling, you were wonderful tonight