oleh: EMF

You burden me with your questionsYou'd have me tell no liesYou're always asking what it's all aboutBut don't listen to my repliesYou say to me I don't talk enoughBut when I do I'm a foolThese times I've spent, I've realizedI'm going to shoot throughAnd leave you
The things, you sayYour purple prose just gives you awayThe things, you sayYou're unbelievable
You burden me with your problemsBy telling me more than mineI'm always so concernedWith the way you sayYou've always go to stopTo think of us being oneIs more than I ever knowBut this time, I realizeI'm going to shoot throughAnd leave you
Seemingly lastless, don't meanYou can ask usPushing down the relativeBringing out your higher selfThink of the fine timesPushing down the better fewInstead of bringing out the cluesTo what the world and everything anger toBrace yourself with the grace of easeI know this world ain't what it seems.
What the fuck was thatIt's unbelievable