Tha Muthaphukkin Real
oleh: Eazy E

[Featuring M.C. Ren]

[M.C. Ren]

Well it be the real niggaz back

with that hard street shit

bitch niggaz be pissin a fit

but I say fuck 'em when I buck 'em

its that nigga with the cool and mellow shit

for your ass takin' niggaz back through the past

all up on my nutz shit be swingin' like a fist

can't even take a piss

if I did niggaz would cut they wrist

in a muthaphukkin candy 4

beat that ass with the switch

then blast on the bitch

who was all in my shit

its that nigga Ren back for the 9-5

they say real niggaz was dead

but this nigga be alive

so I'm puttin' it down wit that nigga E uh-huh

for all of my niggaz in the C-P-T

so here we go again with part 3 of the script

makin bitch made niggaz bite they lip, when we dip

so tell me how the phuck do it feel

tah get hit wit Tha Muthaphukkin Real


Tha Muthaphukkin Real

Shouts going out to the hardcore hip-hop

Tha Muthaphukkin Real

buckin' these niggaz till they drop


Now everythings good in my hood

and its on and pop and Eazy-Muthaphukkin-E

From East Side South Compton

str8 givin' up the real

on how a nigga feel talk that shit

muthaphukkaz caps get peeled

layin' low in the cut

gettin how than a muthaphuka niggaz knows whats up

I'm that gangsta, gangsta is that what there still yellin'

nigga G to a T saggin' and bailin'

live by the gun you know what I'm sayin' Ren


so I guess I'll die by that muthaphukka then

so when I die niggaz bury me

make sure my shit reads Eazy-Muthaphukkin-E

and it's a fact to be exact my tombstone shou