Space Dye Vest

Falling through pages of Martens on angelsFeeling my heart pull westI saw the future dressed as a strangerlove in a space-dye vestLove is an act of blood and I'm bleedinga pool in the shape of a heartBeauty projection in the reflectionAlways the worst way to start
Now that you're gone I'm trying to take itLearning to swallow this rageFound a new girl I think we can make itas long as she stays on the pageThis is not how I want it to endAnd I'll never be open again
There's no one to take my blameif they wanted toNothing to keep me saneand it's all the same to youThere's nowhere to set my aimso I'm everywhereNever come near me againdo you really think I need you
I can never be openI'll never be openedI'll never be openNo I can never be open
And I'll smile and I'll learn to pretendAnd I'll never be open againAnd I'll have no more dreams to defendAnd I'll never be open again