Breaking All Illusions

With the sun in placeThere's a test of faithStreams of thought awaken
New realitiesSingularitiesBreaking all illusions
Sudden burst of heatBurning source of lifeMasterful destruction
Power's not an actIt's understanding truthChanging my direction
Live in the momentBreathe in a new beginningWisdom revealedAs I unlearn to learn
Life's biggest battlesOften are fought aloneMy spirit brings me home
Emerald thoughts flowThrough my consciousnessDrawn to curses left behindTest of will the threshold to one's faithStarts a fire in the mind
Searching outReaching inTo arriveWhere I beganSights rememberedIn the light
Searching outReaching inTo arriveWhere I beganSound rememberedCome alive
Embrace the daysDon't turn awayLife's true intent needs patienceKarma starts the signal