Base Metal
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A meat mine
If you could just see me now
Hands pitted blood red
One clasped to my chest
The other covering my wound
Base metal

Like some bag of skin
I felt for one moment that I could reach out to you
That the sea in its wisdom,
Its green blue wisdom
Could for one impulsive moment cease its spring tide

You're wasting my time
Send my aching limbs towards your totem smile
And that my bleeding might stop
And that my wounds could heal

Nobody has the decency to say anything
And that my arm could weld itself to yours

We dream together
People pour past me, a wilting figure


I felt as if I could see leaves
I could see summer leaves
That autumn's wind had cast to the ground

Give it up
I felt as if I could sculpt time
But in one moment
This sweet clay turned to blood
Sea blood

We sit in silence
I had hoped to sculpt a memory of you
Sea memories
Of intense colours contained within a million sea stones

Spoon fed or watershed
Give it up
And kill