Thugged Out Shit
oleh: DJ Clue

[Featuring Memphis Bleek]

Geah What?

Niggas Bleek Duro

We live

Thugged out

Marcy Smoked out


Uh yo yo

Im on now

Therfore your ready rock

Compare to this fishtale baggin rocks

Now give me Bill Gates money

A little strait money

Big or small faces its been in all places

I was schooled by them older guys

They showed me how to drive these ???

Chop dueces and old rubers

Have a nigga rocked up then knocked up

Plenty y'all wit his chest out gettin stocked up

We trade war stories back on the streets

When we played em messhall

Niggas get'em on his eats

Im a foul little nigga, wild little nigga

Dedicated to these streets a pump valve little nigga

You hear about my wherabouts?

Bitches I don't care about

Money Im a man about

Drama Im a air it out

Niggas hate Bleek cause I live right

You'd love to see me broke frontin

Wit no chips right?


Who wanna hear some more thugged out shit?(what)

Who wanna hear that get smoked out shit?(geah)

Who want to hear some real live type shit?(huh)

Who want it wit that oh, chest out shit?(what)

But this Bleek life my young niggas I tell ya

I went from a failure, holdin paraphanalia

Weight scales, twelve-twelves, dimes and fishtales

Cooked up and bagged up

My life was fucked up, but I looked at it this way

If I dont make it this way, then im a do it this way

Blaze my heat, while Im after them nickels

Fuck six I chase nine fucken zeros

Digits I got four of them, want five more of them

Bitches when I told'em flies bring more of them

I fuck'em never call'em,my dough must have spoiled em