Warriors of Love
oleh: Dewa 19

Hey there, all you lovers of peaceWatch out, watch out and be on guardFor lost souls, anger twisting their heartsFor lost souls, poisoned by ignorance and hate
Thereís no doubt, evil dwells in the heartsOf all those, of all those who are full of hateThereís no doubt, evil dwells in the soulsOf all those, of all those full of prejudice
REFF:Warriors of loveSpread the seeds of love throughout the earthGo and destroy the virus of hatredThat makes peopleís hearts sick and depravedBy corrupting their soulsWarriors of LoveTeach the mystical science of loveFor only love is the eternal TruthAnd the shining path for all Godís children everywhere in the world
If hatred has already poisoned youAgainst those Ö who worship differentlyThen evil has already gripped your soulThen evilís got you in its damning embrace
If so, donít bother to hope or dreamthat IÖthat Iíll ever love or embracePeople full of hate and anger like youPeopleÖ whoíre always full of lustÖ for othersí blood
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Hey there, all you lovers of peace, donít ever donít ever donít ever donítTry to play God, by judging and condemning anyone different from youFor God has not given you the right to be mankindís judge and juryNor the power to know the ultimate Truth, or to tell others what they must do
Werenít all of us created as either men or women, on this earthly planeDestined to become many tribes and lands, no two of them exactly the same?Why donít we understand and respect all of our brothersí and sistersí pain,Rather than turn into murderous demons, with our bloody arms raised to the sky?