When You Believe

Many nights we've prayedWith no proof anyone could hearIn our hearts a hopeful songWe barely understoodNow we are not afraidAlthough we know there's much to fearWe were moving mountainsLong before we knew we could
Chorus:There can be miraclesWhen you believeThough hope is frailIt's hard to killWho knows what miraclesYou can achieveWhen you believeSomehow you will, (Now you will (3rd Chorus))You will when you believe
In this time of fearWhen prayer so often proves in vainHope seemed like the summer birdsToo swiftly flown awayYet now I'm standing hereMy heart's so full, I can't explainSeeking faith and speaking wordsI never thought I'd say
So in times when all your hope is goneAnd you go through life afraidIn your heart there lies a hopeful songThat is there to guide the wayAnd all the hurt and all the painYou soon will learn was not in vainFor all your prayers, they will be heardThey'll come to pass through faith