Everything To Me

You chased meI caught youso glad we found each other
We whispered foreverTo share our lives togetherTo watch our dreams unfold
*chorusAnd I love everything about youEverything you areYou'll catch a falling starIf I asked youAnd I couldn't live a single day without youYou hold me in your armsAnd once again I knowthat I'm the only one for you
The way you laughThe way we danceThe way you hold my hand
The way you giveThe way you kissThe way you look at meYou make life beautiful
Oh, I love the light that shines in your eyesWhen you talk about our girlsand love the way you smile when they walk into the room
Oh, I love how you care about brokennessHow injustice moves your heart enoughTo make a change You give all you are Everyday
*chorus x 2