Nada Sambung Pribadi
(NSP / i-Ring / RBT)
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Kode NSP / i-Ring / RBT
Telkomsel : 5511008
XL : 10115266
Flexi : 5511008
Fren : 551100899
Esia : 5511008

You Make My World So Colourful

Morning sunshine in our roomNow that room is back in tuneAutumn start this day with a smileAnd laugh at my beautiful love oneWho’s lying besides me
You so far away in your sleepWho can tell what dream you may dreamYou dont know that I was drawingWith my finger on your sweet young faceVague as a meaning words
[*]You make my world so colorfulI never had it so goodMy love I thank you for all the loveYou gave to me
Like a summer breeze so softLike a rose you bring me nearAnd I kiss your lips so sweetSoft like the rain and gentle asThe morning dew in may
Though they said that I was wrongBut thank god my will so strongI got you in the palm of my handEveryday they tried to put me onBut I laugh at those who tried to hurt our love
[* Repeat Till Fade]