The One Who Won My Heart

I swore I'd let nobody inNot that way againI'd fixed it so they won't stand a chanceBut you lessened the distanceI think you knew what this could beYou never gave up reaching for me
Chorus:Because you hold me up so highGive yourself with no conditionBecause you guide meWhen I'm stumbling in the darkYou hear what's deep insideWhen I need you there to listenYou're the one who won my heart
And it's still a mysteryWhat you see in meCoz you know I've never been an open bookBut maybe I'm changingJust a little less trueThere's not a questionI owe it to you
Repeat Chorus
Bridge:And I know you keep it safeI trust in you that wayTo keep with your possessionEvery moment everyday
Repeat Chorus
The one who won my heart