Must Be Sinking Now

When we were in love, or whatever it was We tore apart their believing hearts Just to ride that passion in
We survived ok, through the mess we made But I don't know how we can come back now And try to be friends again
(Chorus) Cause when I see you I can't let the past remain the past All that heartache we brought on comes rushing back so fast I can't see no road ahead, just pulls me down somehow And there's so much water under that bridge, it must be sinking now
With a shiver and chill, it haunts me still What a fool I was to have almost lost Most of what's dear to me
From the very first touch, we took too much In the fire we found I was burnin' down And just too blind to see
(Repeat Chorus)
If we had just held on - maybe once Seen beyond our fire But our try agains and might have beens Were swept away when we were, when we were
(Repeat Chorus)