A Song For Mama

She said, "My son I beg of youI have a wish, that must come trueThe last thing you can doFor yo' mama
Please promise me that you will stayAnd take my place, while I'm awayAnd give the children love each day"
I had to cry, what could I say?
I tried so hard to find a wordI prayed she would not see me crySo much to say, that should be heardBut only time to say "Good-bye"To my mama
They say in time, you will forgetYet still today, my eyes are wetAnd still I try to smileFor my mama
Now soon there'll be another SpringAnd I will start rememberingThe way she used to love to hear us singHer favorite song, "Ave Maria"Ave Maria
Then I will feel, the deepest joyYes, for my mama
And I will feel, so proud that IMade the wish come trueAll for my mama
The family's left, I feel so numbI should've known this day would comeAnd still I try to smileFor my Mama
It hurts so much to see them goThey have their lives to lead, I knowNow I can watch their children growAnd hear, again, "Ave Maria"Ave Maria
And I feelThe deepest joyYes, I'll kiss them allFor my Mama
And I will feelSo proud that IMade the wish come trueAll for my Mama
Still, this seemsSo smallFor allShe doneFor me